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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
"Deaning Down"

CK Rairden explains what's wrong with the Democratic Party:

The left has long sought to “dumb down” America understanding that the more ignorant America becomes the less resistance liberals will meet as they push their agenda. Their plan has failed as liberals continue to lose elections one after the other. So now a new strategy has emerged--no longer satisfied with the failed results of attempting to “dumb down” America, Howard Dean has had early success of rallying the angry malcontents on the far left in what I have dubbed as the ‘Deaning down’ of the Democrat Party.

A classic example emerged as Massachusetts Senator John F(rench) Kerry finally got around to announcing his candidacy for the Democrat nomination for president on Tuesday. Newsweek analyst Howard Fineman made it very clear what the left believes it will take to win the nomination and recapture the White House. Anger. Appearing on the Today Show with Katie Couric, Fineman bluntly stated why Kerry is faltering amongst the left, “He has to get focused and he has to get angry.”

And that is the epitome of what Howard Dean has brought to his splintered party, resentment and anger. Misplaced anger, but nonetheless for the fringe left--focused anger.

--The anger must not be focused on the terrorists who attacked America on 9/11.

--The anger must not be focused on the terrorists who are attacking American soldiers in Iraq.

--The anger must not be focused on any foreign body or nation that desires to see Americans killed and America dismantled.

The ‘Deaning down’ of America requires anger focused on President George W. Bush and any American who dares support the President. This new “Deaned down” strategy requires resentment towards any hard working American who wants to see America kept safe and is willing to make the sacrifices and continue the will and power necessary to keep the American homeland secure by supporting the President.

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